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So im making a crazy game based off my cats.
Goose and Puma.

It has Nazi's, Commies, Zombies, Unicorns and Pedobear.
Whatever other random ideas I throw in there Im sure someone will BLAM.

Insanity is so underrated in America.


2010-12-07 17:05:14 by Tigglenuts

I hate this phrase.
Some people look something up, it doesnt show up on google and when they ask in a forum, some jackass mod replys this and locks the thread.


For example, since TGF2 for newgrounds CANT use extensions (and currently I have no funds for upgrading) I cant use extensions. No big deal. But when I ask about work arounds or something I get the "justfuckinggoogleit" response.

Seriously? If I can help I will, thats just pure laziness.

First submission!

2010-11-29 15:42:12 by Tigglenuts

Yay! I got something done!
Uploaded my first finished drawing on here, and my deviantart account.
New game comming, and Im putting a tribute to everyone's favorite video game level:

Getting the act together

2010-01-20 21:53:24 by Tigglenuts

Ya know, between work, debt and trying not to kill my boss, it's been hard to get anything done.

Lucky me, my artist buddy has finally gotten over his drawers block, and we're working again. Since flash isn't treating me too well, im going for a stand alone title, which i will link here, and hope it goes well. The plan is to have this done for slamdance (if thats still even a viable thing...)

Also, I had someone tell me, "If you havent ever had writers block, you've never written anything worthwile."

well fuck that noise.

damn miami shark

2009-10-21 21:47:21 by Tigglenuts

Its just soooo damn fun

I lost my carand job in the same day.
If I had a girl and she dumped me, I'd probably have gone postal.


2009-08-11 11:56:15 by Tigglenuts

Well I was working on a platformer, all 8 bit, tons of fun, dry humor...

then my computer crashed and I had to reformat.

So much for "8-bit Hell".
I guess I'll be working on something new here soon.

God Im lazy

2009-05-26 19:27:31 by Tigglenuts

So while the artists deal with the real world (work sucking, etc) Im working on a side project.

Well I would be If I would quit watching movies, playing WoW and drinking.

New untiled game in the works

2009-04-21 13:08:24 by Tigglenuts

Hey there Newgrouds, how are ya?

I figured it was about time to announce this, a new game by yours truly. It will be a hand drawn rpg (more than likely mature-themed) starring me and a few friends.

the basic idea is we're stuck jumping worlds to find our way home.
For now, its being made in RPGMaker VX (not my first choice, but beggars can't be choosers.)